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The Mysterious Popularity of

Collegiate Wrestling
When it comes to American socio-cultural mysteries the popularity of college (including High School) sport is right up there with the popularity of Martha Stewart.
Anyone who is not American - cannot understand it.
So the Boat Race might make a vaguely intriguing diversion in London, on a cold spring morning, but the idea of watching students play sport is bizarre to the English - and most other nationalities, unless you happen to be related to one of the players.
For, apart from anything else, the standard is poor.
Americans do not think like that, partly because they are not emotionally invested in club structures to the extent that the English are.
They have professional teams and leagues, and supporters are enthusiastic, but the spread of professional sport in the US is geographically narrow, confined in the main to the biggest urban centers.
Vast swaths of the country - particularly the southern states - have no rooting interest.

Collegiate Football
It is here that college sport really is elevated to the status of religion, and it is a strictly American cultural phenomena.
Now ogling cute teenage boys in incredibly tight fitting Lycra and Spandex may see somewhat questionable, particularly to the 'stiff upper lipped' English.
American High School and College sports are mainly a 'boy thing' (it is only recently that 'political correctness' has insisted on some girls aping the 'jocks' predilection for 'tough' sport.
The main supporters of College sports are middle aged men (reliving their youth - and perhaps indulging in a well disguised homoerotic fantasy), college girls supporting their boyfriends, or simply fantasizing that one of the handsome 'jocks could be their boyfriend - and of course 'moms'.
'Sports Mom' - Swimming
The American 'sports mom' is a frightening phenomena.
When balding 'pop' has degenerated into flabby obesity, 'mom' invests all her 'loving' emotions in her boys - and when they reach adolescence, she like nothing better that to see them flexing their musicales, and finely chiseled abs, at the pool, in the gym or on the football field.
And all is on show - with college wrestlers wearing Lycra that is so tight and revealing that it leaves nothing to the imagination.

Collegiate Swimming
Equally, there are helmeted American college footballers, with their huge shoulder pads, and pert, Lycra clad backsides who appear, not only to be aping aspects of S&M, but also mimicking comic-book superheros.

Collegiate Swimming
Oddly, despite American aversion to Speedos (considered to be worn by 'faggots' - the American term for homosexual men), they are accepted, in the briefest form, for Collegiate Swimming competitions and Water Polo - 'jocks', of course, cannot possibly be 'faggots'.
One is, therefore, left with the suspicion that much Collegiate sport is a possible legitimizing excuse for the inevitable adolescent homo-eroticism that has always been an aspect of the 'rites of passage' for the maturing male in all societies.
It is only in an advanced cultural milieu such as is found in the USA, however, that this adolescent 'homo-eroticism' can take on such a sophisticated, developed and duplicitous form - while at the same time the actual  'homo-erotic' element is constantly and publicly denied.
Of course, what goes on in the locker room, and the showers is another matter - but then, as always, 'boys will be boys'.......

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2017

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